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Identity theft occurs almost every 3 seconds!

Last year over 11 million Americans were victims of Identity Theft; that translates into a new victim almost every 3 seconds. This makes identity theft the single largest and fastest growing category of crime in the United States. Last year, for every burglary in the United States, six identities were stolen. Are you next?

  • Over 11 million U.S. victims last year
  • 37% increase over the last three years
  • 47% of ID Theft victims encounter credit problems
  • ID Theft causes an average of $4,841 in damage per victim
  • ID Theft restoration can take hundreds of hours

Get protected...

  • by a solution that monitors 1,000+ databases and over 650 billion data points
  • by a system that rapidly detects identity fraud
  • by a secure web site that provides you an identity score and report
  • by ICFE certified specialists that restore your identity if it is compromised

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Feature Why our Platinum Protection is better than LifeLock® Platinum Protection LifeLock® Command Center
Identity Monitoring Our comprehensive identity protection network provides the earliest and most comprehensive detection solution available in the market by looking for fraud involving your name each and EVERY HOUR. The database of 650 billion data points allows us to detect fraud within seconds of occurrence, often weeks before detection by traditional solutions, thus minimizing or potentially eliminating any damage done to your identity and financial profile. In the event we detect suspicious activity, you will immediately be notified. If you verify the activity as fraudulent, the transaction can be halted before real damage can occur.
Identity Restoration Our ICFE (Institute of Consumer Financial Education) certified agents provide a faster, easier and more effective restoration process assisting you every step of the way. Our agents will work diligently on your behalf to restore your identity to pre-theft status.
Real Time Fraud Alerts With-up-to-the hour information, our identity monitoring network can literally halt crimes as they occur by locking your personal information the moment you verify fraudulent activity. This early detection limits and potentially eliminates damage to your good name.
Reduce Credit Offers Comparable Solution
Payday Loan Monitoring Comparable Solution
24-Hour Member Support Comparable Solution
Identity Insurance You are insured by an actual insurance policy that is underwritten by Chartis Insurance (AIG). The policy covers up to $25,000 for lost wages and out of pocket reimbursements.* Money is paid directly to our members. LifeLock® offers a "Service Guarantee" NOT an insurance policy. This guarantee does not cover direct out-of-pocket expenses and does not pay any money directly to its members.
Identity Score Our identity score delivers a concrete, easy to understand assessment of your current identity theft risk. The identity score provides insight into whether your personally identifiable information is being used fraudulently to obtain assets, goods or services. In addition to a specific Identity Score, you will receive a qualitative risk assessment (Low, Moderate, or High) that lets you know where you stand in terms of identity theft risk. Each month you will receive email with access to your identity score. You will also receive email alerts each time your identity score changes.
Identity Report Our identity report inventories the positive and negative drivers of your identity score. In the event we detect fraudulent or suspicious activity, the identity report provides you and the identity restoration specialist with the specifics needed to limit damage and restore your identity. Each month you will receive email with access to your identity report. Additionally, you will also receive email alerts each time your identity report changes.
Instant Fraud Stops Leveraging the power of our ID Network, we can block certain fraudulent transactions before an account is opened or a transaction is completed.
Anti-Virus Protection Our anti-virus software provides real time protection against viruses and other malware with industry leading technology.
Anti-Spyware Protection Our class I antispyware software blocks concealed programs that track a customer’s online and offline activity including password stealers, trojans, worms, keystroke loggers, and other malware.
Anti-Phishing Protection Our anti-phishing software blocks webpages that attempt to steal your credit card data and personal information.
Anti-Spam Protection Our anti-spam software stops unwanted email from reaching your email inbox, marking unsolicited and junk mail as SPAM.
Software Firewall Our software establishes a two-way firewall which automatically secures your internet connection and helps prevent outsiders from accessing your Wi-Fi network.
Automatic Software Updates Our automatic software updates ensure that the newest software product and signature files are downloaded and installed automatically and on a regular basis.
Computer System Tune Up Our tune up function optimizes your computer performance by removing unnecessary files and registry entries.
Chat Encryption Our chat encryption encypts your chat sessions so your conversations stay protected and private.
Digital File Vault Our file vault enables you to create encrypted, password-protected drives (or vaults) on your computer where you can securely store your confidential and sensitive documents.
Digital File Shredder Our file shredder protects you by permanently removing deleted information and all traces of confidential data.
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Summary Terms of Service

The following is the Summary Terms of Service between the Provider of this Program ("We" and "Us" and "Our") and the enrolled member of this Program ("you").The following provides a summary of the terms and conditions governing your membership in the identity theft program ("Program") provided to you by Us. The complete Terms of Service relating to the Program are set forth on the Program website currently located at www.IdentaSafe. com ("Website"). you are deemed to have accepted and agreed to the complete Terms of Service by virtue of your enrollment in the Program. As part of the Program, you will receive certain identity theft monitoring services, identity restoration services, identity theft insurance and receive other services and software (collectively, "Services") as further set forth in the membership materials you received at enrollment ("Membership Materials"). As part of this Program, We may license to you, or assist you in licensing or purchasing software or other services from our vendors ("Vendors"). The software or such other services may be accompanied by an end user license or other agreement from us or a Vendor. In such cases, your use of the software or other services is governed by the terms of that license or other agreement and by this Agreement. The identity theft insurance provided in this Program is underwritten by subsidiaries or affiliates of third-parties. Identity theft insurance is governed by an insurance certificate that is incorporated into the Services. Any information you provide to us must be true, accurate, current, and complete. you shall not use the Services for any illegal purpose and you shall abide by all applicable local, state, national, and international laws and regulations. The Service is for your personal use only, and not for commercial purposes. you may not use the Services to obtain information about or make decisions about anyone but yourself. you are solely responsible for any reliance by you on the Services or other use you make of the Services. We do not provide the Services, or any advice or assistance, for the purpose of improving your credit report, credit history or credit rating. Membership in the Program and/or your rights or duties under this Agreement may not be assigned or delegated without the prior express written consent. Vendors and benefits are subject to change without notice. Services are not available where prohibited by law. Services may or may not prevent identity theft or damages associated with identity theft or similar fraud. Services may or may not be successful in restoring your identity to pre-theft status. The Program provider shall not be liable for damages, including but not limited to lost wages, legal fees, and any other costs associated with identity theft or the restoration of your identity. you shall not use the Services to determine any consumer's eligibility for credit, insurance, employment or for any other permissible purpose as defined in the Fair Credit reporting Act, 15 U.S.C. § 1681 et seq ("FCRA"). Services shall not be used directly or indirectly by you to take any "adverse action" as such term is defined under the FCRA or for any purpose other than your personal identity risk management. THE SERVICES IS PROVIDED ON AN "AS IS" BASIS ONLY. NEITHER THE PROGRAM PROVIDER, NOR ANY LICENSOR OR THIRD PARTY PROVIDER OF ANY COMPONENT OF THE SERVCES OR OF ANY INFORMATION DELIVERED AS PART OF THE SERVICE, MAKES, AND EACH EXPRESSLY DISCLAIMS, ANY REPRESENTATION OR WARRANTY OF ANY KIND, WHEATHER EXPRESSED, IMPLIED, OR ARISING OUT OF COURSE OF DEALING OR USEAGE, INCLUDING WITHOUT LIMITATION ANY WARRANTY OF MERCHANTABILITY, FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE, NONINFRINGEMENT, NONINTERFERENCE WITH DATA, AVAILABILITY, ACCURACY OR THAT THE SERVICES ARE ERROR FREE OR SECURE. THE SERVICES CONTAIN INFORMATION PROVIDED BY ONE OR MORE THIRD PARTY CREDIT REPORTING AAGENCIES OR OTHER THIRD PARTY DATA PROVIDERS.